Lead Principal Investigators:

Project Manager: Conor McDermott

ITC Lead and Digital Data Manager: Dr Rob Sands
Technical Developer: Mikie O'Sullivan


Dr. Thomas Kerr

Dr Thomas Kerr has been a research fellow with the EMAP team since 2008 and has an extensive publication record on early medieval Ireland. He completed his PhD at Queens University Belfast on the subject of early medieval settlement in northwest Ulster, subsequently published as a British Archaeological Reports monograph.
SEE http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/gap/Staff/ResearchStaff/DrThomasKerr/

Dr Maureen Doyle

Dr Maureen Doyle worked on the EMAP team in 2012 during its research on crafts and industry on Earl Medieval sites. She completed her PhD at UCD School of Archaeology on "Dress, ornament and identity in early medieval Ireland". She is currently lecturing in UCD School of Archaeology.

Dr Meriel McClatchie

Dr Meriel McClatchie worked on the EMAP team in 2011 during its research on crop cultivation and livestock management in early medieval Ireland. She is currently NUI Dr Garret FitzGerald Post-doctoral Fellowsh in the Humanities at UCD School of Archaeology where she is carrying out a research project on agriculture in early medieval Ireland (AD 500-1100) based upon archaeobotanical evidence.

Jonathan Kinsella
Jonathan Kinsella, MA completed an MA in Landscape Archaeology at University College Dublin in 2005. His thesis, which explored the archaeological evidence for the poor of earlymedieval Ireland, won the Medieval Settlement Research Group’s John Hurst memorial award that year. His interests include aspects of settlement, landscape and material culture in early medieval Ireland. He has worked as a research archaeologist for various commercial archaeological companies on National Roads Authority schemes throughout Ireland. He has written and published a number of related papers; the most recent of which – on Irish early medieval enclosed settlement – was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy in 2010. Jonathan was employed as a research archaeologist with EMAP in 2009 and 2010 and is currently working as a primary school teacher.

Lorcan Harney
Lorcan Harney MA completed an MA in landscape Archaeology at the School of Archaeology, UCD in 2006. His thesis investigated the early medieval ecclesiastical landscape of Glendalough and a paper based partially on this study will be published in a forthcoming book ‘Glendalough: City of God’. His research interests include the art, architecture and layout/organisation of early medieval ecclesiastical settlements. He has worked on a number of medieval ecclesiastical excavations in Wicklow, Dublin and Westmeath and has been employed as an archaeological researcher on the ‘Early Medieval Archaeology Project’ (EMAP) since March 2007. Lorcan Harney is currently an IRCHSS funded PhD student in UCD School of Archaeology researching for his thesis "Living with the Church in Early Medieval Ireland"

Matt Seaver (PhD scholar)
Matthew Seaver, MA, is a professional archaeologist and licensed Site Director with over a decade of archaeological excavation experience. He was awarded a  BSc (Hons) Archaeology at the University of Bradford 1995 and an MA in Archaeology at University College Dublin in 1997. He has directed a number of important early medieval excavations, including Raystown, Co. Meath and Laughaunstown/Glebe, Co. Dublin and is a member of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland and Member of the European Association of Archaeologists. He is currently completing his EMAP-supported PhD in UCD School of Archaeology on the subject of "Living with the dead in Early Medieval Ireland".

Rob O’Hara (MA Student)
Rob O’Hara, BA is a professional archaeologist and licensed Site Director with over a decade of archaeological excavation experience. He has directed key Irish early medieval excavations at Roestown 2 and Collierstown 1 on the M3, Co. Meath. He was awarded a First Class Honours in his MA in Professional Archaeological Practice at UCD School of Archaeology in 2010. EMAP INSTAR funds were used to support Archer Heritage Planning to release him for his studies in 2009/2010.

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